Serving Files

Go to these sites for serving tutorials:

To serv via IRC server (Fserv)

To serv via FTP server

Things to Know About Serving Files in a Channel

If you have files you would like to share with other channel visitors there are a few things you should do.

  1. Read the rules... most channels have specific rules about the types of content you can offer, the types of ads you can run, and the frequency of your ads (type "!rules" for the rules of the channel). Once you have read the rules and have decided which files to share, you must decide weather to offer them via FTP or FSERV.
  2. To run an FTP server you need software... I reccommend BulletProof FTP Server, but you can find other free software out there. Any FTP serving software will do... just make sure to follow the instructions carefully, ESPECIALLY of you are behind a firewall!! Another good thing to have if you decide to run an ftp server is DynDNS... it gives you a free hostname (Ex: which updates automatically to your new ip address every time it changes (like when your connection resets).
  3. To run a FSERV you need an IRC program that supports one. MIRC or Invision (the two I recommended earlier) will work just fine. Here is are some tutorials for setting it up: Raph's Fserving Guide, and IRC Magic's Guide to File Serving. Remember to obey the channel rules!! Some channels have a rule where you can only run SILENT ads, and some require that you use only CTCP triggers.

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